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  • Saderīgu Zīmols: Universal
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Komar Yar
I placed the order on 28 August and it arrived on 14 September. There has been a problem because the package was not very well protected and the box has arrived powdered and the article had some scratches. Being metal is tough and only had the scratches, and the paint a little up, I'll paint it with acrylic and it'll look good, I hope. I have opened a dispute and the seller has accepted, so in that sense I have no complaints. I hope from now on they'll send them better packed, nothing more. If you're worried that your mobile stand will come up with some flaw in the paint take it silver, and I don't know will notice, that's what I would do. It's also a good article, and it looks tough.
P A L Abrantes
Thank you to the seller, I recommend, quickly came the parcel, the stand is excellent

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