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  • JAUNU XFKM 810 Pilienu Padomus Epoksīda Sveķu Pilienu Padoms Plašu Nesa Iemuti par Kennedy24 Kaujas Stulbenis 528-A RDA Pulverizatori 1gb Mazumtirdzniecības

  • Svars: 1.5g
  • E cig Pilienu Padoms Īpaša: Kenedija 24, Kaujas Klp Stulbenis RDA 528 pulverizators
  • Materiāls: Sveķu
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: XFKM
  • Elektronisko Cigarešu Iemuti krāsas:
  • Modeļa Numurs: 528 pilienu padoms
  • Saderīgs Modelis: īpašas Kenedija 24 Kaujas Stulbenis 528 Pulverizators
  • Vienuma Tips: Pilienu Padoms

JAUNU Pilienu Padomus Epoksīda Sveķu Pilienu Padoms Plašu Nesa Iemuti par Kennedy24 Kaujas Stulbenis 528 RDA Pulverizatori 1gb Mazumtirdzniecības 1 Produkta Izmērs: 16 mm * 13mm 2 Produkta svars: 1.53 g 3 Iepakojuma izmērs: 39mm * 26mm 4 Svars: 15.9 g


Has come
Only 8 days to UK, but were sent together with wire via Aliexpress shipping. These are model 528-A, which look nearly the same as model 528-B3, except for small size differences, but these differences can be important for some atomizers. These are 2 mm more in overall height, but also, the bottom part that fits into atomizer is taller, 5.3 mm compared to 4.4 mm on 528-B3, and with some atomizers, these leave a gap at bottom of drip tip, so do not fit right down inside. They can be used in all of my atomizers, but look funny in some. They are best for atomizers with a lip around bottom of drip tip, like the Themis. So I suggest you check the height of the drip tip insertion space in atomizer - will show what I mean later. These are good quality, for a good price and have nice mouth feel. But if you are unsure about fit, I suggest you choose model 528-B3 from same seller, slightly cheaper, too. Bearing this in mind, recommend product and seller.
Very fast shipping recommend seller

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