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[rotaslietas tips]: broša

【商品材料] aicina:合金,水钻,滴油

【重量] aicina:约 8g

【规格] aicina:长2.5 Cm plata 3,5 cm


I ordered the first brooch in another store, I liked the pain, I decided to buy more for a gift but what I received in the root is different from the first one is not painted on the wings, where the belly lay dark spot, where the wings stick out sharp teeth of metal-they will cling clothes such a brooch exactly do not give up and I will not wear it myself even fasteners different, The second needle тонюсенькая delivery 95 days, disappointed, do not advise but will be a lesson, in the future I order in checked stores (why I did not order in the same, I do not know) for comparison, I attach a photo of the purchase in the first store (on the brand label) and in this (on simple paper) two same brooches to compare from different stores
Brooch Super! Very beautiful, not small. Quality is good. The seller quickly sent and the delivery was within the norm. Recommend.
Mavlet Batirov93

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